Meet The First Nigerian Model To Walk For Louis Vuitton

A Nigerian has set a record in the global fashion scene as a 16-year-old female model Janet Jumbo is become the first Nigerian to walk for renowned high fashion brand Louis Vuitton.

The budding model from Rivers state Nigeria, born and brought up in Lagos state took to social media to share exclusive photos from the show and thanked everyone that made it possible for her to achieve the milestone.

She said, “LOUIS VUITTON EXCLUSIVE Can’t believe I’m the first Nigerian model to walk for (@louisvuitton).

“I’m so grateful to everyone that made this happened (@raw_models) (@ashleybrokaw) (@nicolasghesquiere) (@imgmodels) I’m the happiest girl on the planet right now,” Jumbo said.

She was recruited on her way from church when a scout spotted her walking and then signed her to Raw Models.

Raw Models shared her story on their official Instagram page writing , “History has been made again.

“Scouted this amazing beauty on the street of Lagos on her way back from church with no clue of what awaits her.

“Today, Janet Jumbo is the first Nigerian model to walk the Louis Vuitton show exclusively. We feel nothing but all shades of happiness and we can’t contain it,”

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