Mary Remmy Njoku talks about sexual harassment in Nollywood

Former Nollywood actress and CEO of ROK Studios, Mary Remmy Njoku has revealed an incident that happened on set as she raise awareness about sexual harassment rampart in Nollywood.

The mother-of-three wrote:

“Dear #instafam I need your help. Again. What is the Nigerian definition of sexual harassment? I was standing with a female producer who was wearing a leggings with a carmel toe. and a Very prominent male producer Walked past and said I dey see your Virgina (in pidgin) if I hol am en, I go F…. am tire. ??On the streets of Lagos! I was deeply offended. I wanted to say something but the Lady just said ‘no mind am the man sabi talk rubbish’ and she immediately changed the topic like nothing happened. I couldn’t cry more than the bereaved. But I am really sad. Biko isn’t this sexual harassment? Doesn’t she know? Or its just accepted.”

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