Married pastor impregnates maid

A married Pastor Mordecai Chikwanda who impregnated his maid has stated that he is only human and can fall into temptations.

The man of God of the Church of Christ confirmed he had extra marital affair with his maid Oripa  which resulted in a child in 2016

During an interview. He said it was not a crime that he impregnated his maid.

“I can confirm it happened because at times as human beings we are overcome by temptations. Having a child outside marriage is not criminal and there is no one who should question that. I know this is part of the program to soil my image but l will retaliate and it seems they are now using the media against me,” said Chikwanda.

Elders at the church said Mutaviri is now staying with her sister in Nyajena and the matter came to light after the pastor failed to provide for the upkeep of the child.


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