Marriage Is Not For Everyone – Curvy Actress, Evia Simon

Curvaceous Nollywood actress, Evia Simon, also known as ‘booty queen of Nollywood’, is of the opinion that marriage is not for everybody.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, she said: “Marriage isn’t achievement if I must say, but there is a certain joy a woman has when she is married in our society. At the same time, marriage isn’t for everybody. However, you can only know if it’s for you or not when you go into it. I don’t believe in divorce though. I advise people to be mentally, physically and spiritually ready before getting hooked. Don’t get married just because others are doing it.”

On what she does to maintain her sexy shape, Simon said, “I don’t do anything to maintain my stature at all. I have always been this way.”

The movie producer also maintained that she cannot stand a man who is not romantic. “Some Nigerian men are very romantic because of the western life they have been exposed to. On the other hand, some still behave like village men who believe that women should be the romantic ones. I honestly cannot stand a man who is not romantic,” she said.

Recounting her most challenging movie project, the Mind’s Eye actress said, “My most challenging movie project was my first film titled, Unbreak. From working on the script to deciding on the actors to cast, it was very challenging. I also encountered a lot of problems on set. I often say that there are no permanent friends or enemies in Nollywood. Most times it is one’s close friends that frustrate one more on movie sets.”


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