Marriage has not stopped anything, it has been a plus to my career – Singer, Korra Obidi

Singer and dancer, Korra Obidi, says being mum wont stop her from doing what she loves to do best as she says that marriage changes nothing.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Obidi said, “Marriage has not stopped anything. Rather, it has been a plus to my career. My fanss love my baby, June, so much, and they can do anything for her. It has been easy for me as a creative to live in Hollywood. The restrictions are less. I grew up in Surulere, Lagos, where police officers could seize your camera while you’re filming.

“To be honest, I was not scared that I would lose following and popularity among my Nigerian and African fans because I lived in the US. My fans go with me everywhere I go. I’ve lived in Dubai, Cairo, Muscat, Shanghai and now Los Angeles. My following is so diverse. Not just Africans. They love me, not where I live.”

The dancer who shared seminude photo on her face and was blasted for it, said; “I enjoy the criticism with some caramel corn and some cuddling in the arms of my man while we drink wine. We also joke about it over dinner sometimes. We discuss more ways to enjoy our lives, to give the haters more ammunition for their daily hate. I believe hate is just confused love. Most of my diehard fans started off as haters. If they don’t scrutinise, there is a problem. They need to scrutinise.

“My people know me and what I do; no misconceptions. The new fans come in confused at times but get settled in after watching two or three of my videos and listening to my music.”

On her music, she said; “My music is gaining steam here in the US and I am excited. My new single, 50/50, did so well. As an independent artiste, I am my own label. I don’t have fake views or robots like some of the artistes out there. I am as real as it gets. Nigerians will try to join the bandwagon soon but it will be too late. I am much more than a dancer. Just listen to any song of mine. My music is better than 80 per cent of the artistes out there. I work hard every day. I’m blessed with dance and music like Shakira.”

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