Many people are too proud to start over again — JJC Skillz

Singer, producer and video director, AbdulRasheed Bello popularly known as JJC Skillz, has opined that many people are too proud to start all over again after attaining a level of glory.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learn that the entertainer stated this during an Instagram Live chat with Weird Mc.

He said, “Most people are too proud because they have attained some kind of glory. They forget that anything can happen. It is pride because most times I speak with some people, they always say to me, ‘Do you know who I am? Do you know what I have achieved? I call it pride.”

He added, “I would sit inside a room and chant things like, ‘I have money in my pocket, money in my bank, food in my bell, fuel in my tank’. I used to say that to myself; meanwhile, I did not have a car back then, talk less of having fuel in it.”

On some of the sacrifices he had to make on his journey to stardom, the producer, who is married to actress, Funke Akindele-Bello, said, “I worked for free for three months at a TV station, creating content. I was trying to change the TV station in order to create the new me. No one gave me a chance back then. They didn’t see the value for them. I told them if they did not believe me, I would work for free.”

On some of the advice his mother gave him that has impacted his life, he said, “My mum always says to me, just recognise you are a giant. If you meet people you are bigger than, bend down and stoop to their level because after you have finished bending, you can still stand up tall and be the giant that you are.”


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