Man who hacked Nina’s IG account demands 800k

BBNaija star Nina Chinonso Onyenobi Instagram account was hacked and the hacker requested a sum of eight hundred thousand naira or else he will expose some of Nina private information online.

The hacker also stated that his name is YUSUF a certified system hacker.

Read his post below:

#TeamNina most useless bunch of nincompoops liveth! Ordinarily 800tousand una no delivery I am crying hihihihihi. OK for una information even instagram no fit hack tis account I am Yusuf a certified system hacker! I study am for school 5years come out with certificate na wetin put food for my table. Make u people deliver nina I will post accout number next and it is unhackable and untraceable kikiki I will release the password when the money complete. @tundeednut @realmercyaigbe Make una get ready, BUSTED

However, a recent check on her Instagram revealed that things has been put in order, see the video she release below:



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