Man who faked a trip abroad to surprise wife with car gift nabs her with another man

A Twitter user @RealDonaldDoo has narrated how a man caught his wife cheating on him after he played a trick on her.

He said the man faked a trip abroad and told his wife he has secured a visa (a day before her birthday) with the intention of surprising her with a car gift later on as her birthday approached.

He then got the car, picked his kids from school with the new ride and when he arrived home, he caught his wife was already with another man in their house.

Sharing the story, he wrote:

“Guy faked a journey a day to his wife’s birthday, to buy her a car and told her he has gotten his visa.

On her birthday he picks their son from school with the car and returns home, only to meet his wife with another guy.

This month”

See the tweet below

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