Man freely donates blood, collapses, and paid N7,000 to get back his blood

A funny story is trending online about a Nigerian man who had voluntarily went to a hospital to donate his blood but later collapsed as the blood was returned back to his body but with an additional fee of N7,000.

The story of the said man was shared by his friend who wrote:

I’m really tired of Nigeria, my friend fainted as we were leaving the hospital after donating blood for free. He is fine now, all he had to do was pay 7 thousand Naira to get his blood back. I kid you not, this country is MAD.


  1. In journalism this is what we call ‘oddity’. As I dey bah, I don laugh tire ooo. Some people (not only Nigerians) can go to the extreme.

    But let’s take a deep not hypothetical or cursory look at it, he ‘donated’ blood not being ‘paid’. He got his blood back with the sum of N7,000. O boy, Naija na die ooo😁🙆.

  2. Savage!
    Was his blood just taken out off him without any check up?
    Perhaps! He has insufficient blood for himself neither he has any capacity to donate any. Nawa o
    Welcome to life bro and keep your blood to yourself please lol.

    Its not by force to donate as God sees your heart.
    Stay rewarded

  3. LOL…..For u donating your blood in a sane country u will undergo some test and from d post I can assume that wasn’t done. He can sue the hospital for negligence and attempted murder.

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