Man Defiles Two Sisters In Kaduna

One Said Muhammad Al-Masiri, an Imam in Kaduna reveal that a Kaduna based civil servant defiled his two daughters.

He said; “He had sex with them front and back, their honeypots and anus are damaged. I gave their mother N10,000 and she took the girls to the hospital. The doctor examined the girls and confirmed they were defiled. But she said they were not infected with HIV,”

He also accused the police of complicity in the matter. He said a Kaduna based judge, Bamali, also ordered for the arrest of some, “good Samaritans “who tried to assist the mother of the children, allegedly defiled by the father.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learnt from a VOA Hausa report, the Kaduna state government has intervened in the matter and several other organizations so as to prosecute “Mohammed Isa Saleh, a Customs officer ” who allegedly had canal knowledge of his underaged daughters.

The VOA Hausa report monitored by journalists in Kaduna on Thursday said the underage daughters needed urgent counselling and therapy as they had become wild and could easily be aroused by the opposite sex.

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