Man cries out as his car was stolen in broad daylight in Abuja

A Twitter user @AdedoyinGabriel has cried out on the micro-blogging platform after his car was stolen in broad daylight in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja in front of Utako Market.

He wrote:



You broke me too



At around 1pm yesterday, I came out of the market to realise that my world had been reduced to an empty space. My small Toyota Corolla 04, in which I had my laptop, tablet and several personal effects, had disappeared.


I’m a young Nigerian Hustler, my friends will testify to this. I wasn’t born into wealth, I’m working tooth and nail, knowing that the hope of my family lies on my shoulders. I’m a young Medical Doctor turn Graphic Designer and an IELTS Tutor who is currently coding his night”


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