Man begs for justice as his twin brother’s alleged killers mock him in court

A man has taken to Twitter to beg for justice years after his identical twin brother was killed by car snatchers.

Ephraim Terry Akhere, a medical doctor, was killed not long after he graduated after being ambushed by car snatchers in Ekpoma, Edo state, and they tortured him for hours before finally killing him by throwing him in a well and leaving him to drown on Friday, June 13th 2014.

After killing Ephraim, the men raped his 17-year-old sick friend who was in the car with him when they were ambushed through the vagina and anus and then made away with the Infinity jeep belonging to the deceased.

Since his death, justice is yet to be served, the man has now taken to Twitter in an attempt to ensure that the law takes its course.

He tweeted: “Solomon Abuede, James Monday, Kelvin Edward, Sunday Oviasogie, David Williams, Ebhotemen Bourdillion and Monday Ezomo. Since 2014, this case has been in court with no conviction yet. One of the 7 was released on bail last year owing to a flimsy ill health excuse.”

He added that his brother’s murderers have become emboldened because of how long the case has stretched that they now threaten and mock him and his family whenever they are in court.

He wrote: “You don’t have to be told that this is a case I can die for. Justice must prevail. I have been depressed for almost 5 years.I go to court almost every month and get to see the killers all smiling and pointing fingers on me and my family. Yes they are still bold enough to threaten.”

The grieving brother, who said he has been depressed since his twin died, begged his followers to help in whatever capacity to see that justice prevails.

He wrote: “As a parent, you should imagine the tears of my mother who lost her “just graduated” medical doctor or the agony of my father who has worked so hard to see his son through medical school only to loose him to a set of unfortunate bastards.”

Read his tweets below:

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