Linda Ikeji Was Never Pregnant Or Even Engaged To Jeremi – Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has claimed that popular blogger, Linda Ikeji was never pregnant nor engaged to oil magnate, Tsolaye Jeremi who she claimed to be her baby daddy.

Kemi Olunloyo further to disclose that Linda was only wearing moonbump in 2 sizes just like Beyonce’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy.

Read her post below…



Nigerians are easily brainwashed by the obvious. Popular blogger Linda Ikeji was NEVER pregnant in 2018 and was never engaged either. I told Nigerians after my Investigation that she seemed to have blackmailed an oil magnate Tsolaye Jeremi who said he never impregnated her sparking the thought of IVF and hiring a surrogate. Many Nigerians castigated me as they knew nothing about surrogacy. Later a rival Blogger and Journalist Stella Dimoko-Korkus called her a “sperm thief” referring to Linda as a woman desperate to have a baby at all cost who frequented hotels and stole used condoms from men she allegedly dated. The statement sparked outrage with Jeremi later denouncing having impregnated her. As a Journalist I studied Linda’s movements and particularly a video clip of her sister Laura telling someone her sister cannot carry a baby. Linda wore a moonbump in 2 sizes just like Beyonce’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy and I announced the surrogates name in September 2018. Just like Gabrielle Union, Linda was given her son with Jeremi’s sperm immediately after the surrogate gave birth. There were no videos, live or recorded and my snitch at Emory hospital in Atlanta, Georgia told me she was leaving days later. Linda named the child Jayce Jeremi and had a successful surrogate birth. She later wrote a long epistle saying she “fell pregnant”. She has NEVER confirmed nor denied a surrogate birth, something a newsmaker should do. There was no engagement to any fiance and the script played well till I exposed the surrogacy. I gave surrogacy a face in Nigeria prompting the BBC to do an undercover story on how African women are renting their wombs out for barren women. Linda continues to thrive with her son as a single mother.



The Journalists job is to seek the truth not stay neutral. The truth prevailed. Some Nigerians still think Linda actually carried a pregnancy. Surrogacy has readily been accepted in the country.


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