Linda Ikeji Shows Off Her Baby Boy’s Muscles

You must have seen loads of new pictures about Linda Ikeji’s baby boy. But now that Jaycee Jeremy is 15 months old, she has been gushing about his spectacular muscles.

Recently, the celebrity blogger posted pictures of her son flexing his muscles as she commented that with the rate he’s growing, she believed he would turn out to be quite the ladies’ man.

She said “You guys biko see the muscle on my 15 months old son…😂😂. Looking like someone who goes to the gym..😅😅. Choi, women go rush this my pikin when he grow up o!”

Despite her reputed riches, Linda noted the she doesn’t have a nanny for her son because she and her mother are enough.

We all know Linda probably already has her hands full with her blog and other ventures but taking the time to raise her kid herself? Very commendable, don’t you agree?

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