Lecturers deliberately picked on me to test my intellect while I was studying Law – RMD

Veteran Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, better known as RMD had in 1997, returned to the university to study law at the University of Lagos and graduated in 2004.

RMD has now recounts some of the challenges he faced  in school adding that he was not given any preferential treatment by lecturers.

He said, “I made a lot of friends easily in class. When I got to the University Of Lagos, I was very focused on what I was doing and it was important to blend. I did not get any preferential treatment in school, instead, they wanted to know whether I could do anything outside of the movie industry. I also got the same treatment in Law school, lecturers will deliberately pick on me to test my intellect.  What they did not realise is that these things made me more prepared. There was a time at UNILAG, when results were released they would circle my number and write my name so that people will know my results.

“They did this because the institution does not post names on the result. But this made me excel at every exam, I made sure of it. I like challenges, it is what gets me going. I like the fact that I had my law degree when I was grown and established. I simply kept my head down and came out with good grades. I am old school and I do not think that one should rush through life. I love young energies, however, I like to still do things at my own pace. Having adult children also makes me grounded.  Now that I have the opportunity to act in a drama series set in a law firm, Castle and Castle, I am milking every moment of it.”


On marrying someone in the same profession, the 60-year-old actor said, “I think that the advantage of being married to a colleague working in the same office far outweighs the disadvantages. There would be arguments but that’s part of the dynamics that keeps the couple going. They watch out for each other. The most important thing is that the couple in question find time for themselves. I really think that there is nothing wrong with marrying someone who is in the same profession as one or working in the same organisation. Yes, there are a few disadvantages but there are also a lot of advantages too.”

On the new Nollywood, he also added, “We don’t have a choice in the evolution of technology. I think technology liberates and does not completely eliminate the others. I like technology because it levels the playing field.  Streaming platforms have definitely helped the movie industry. Now we work smarter instead of working harder. It is a progression that everyone has to embrace, and if one does not embrace it, then one will probably die.”


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