Leave Lagos or face sanctions – State govt tells Beggars, street hawkers

The Lagos state government has asked beggars and street hawkers to vacate the state or face sanctions during a press conference by Commissioner for Youth and Social Development Mr. Olusegun Dawodu, his Information and Strategy counterpart Mr. Gbenga Omotoso which have the attendance of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, on Wednesday, August 18, at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, Alausa.

The conference was organized to announce the creation of a task force to ensure the eradication of street begging and hawking in the state in order to restore the dignity of those who have been sent into the streets for alms begging and hawking.

“The State Government will deploy a lot of human and material resources towards enlightenment and sensitisation via different media platforms. As they say, enlightenment becomes entertainment without enforcement. That is why the way to go now is to enforce compliance with the laws of our state for sanity to reign in our society.” he said

“Street begging is a social vice that we cannot afford to watch until it attains an uncontrollable level before we act. Otherwise, all the good plans and programmes to transform our State would be adversely affected. The same goes for street hawking.

This has become big business to some groups of people. Our investigation revealed that beggars and hawkers (children and adults) are transported regularly from other parts of the country to Lagos with the sole aim of doing this odious ‘business’ that demeans humanity and abuses innocence in the case of children, who are being pushed into this degrading trade.”

Speaking on laws backing the decision of the Lagos State Government, Dawodu noted:

“Section 157{1(b)and(e) of the Criminal Law, 2015, describes nuisance as any person who prevents the public from having access to any part of a highway by an excessive and unreasonable use of it or does any unlawful act which causes inconveniences or damage to the public.”

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