Leaked chat: WhatsApp conversations between Neymar and Najila

WhatsApp conversations between Neymar and Najila Trindade have been released by the Brazilian TV channel Globo.

Record TV had previously released the video of what happened between the pair at a Paris hotel in May, which was recorded by Trindade before she accused the Paris Saint-Germain player of rape.

Neymar then took to Instagram to share a video explaining himself and revealing WhatsApp conversations between the pair, as well as photos of Najila and denied raping her but admitted that what happened between them was consensual.

“You haven’t shown the whole conversation,” Najila messaged Neymar on Instagram afterwards.

The following conversations took place on the day that Neymar was accused of rape before and after he visited the hotel.

According to Marca, the following conversations took place before and after Neymar visited Trindade at the hotel.

“Are you crazy? I asked you to stop”

During the conversations, Trindade sent Neymar photographs of bruising apparently caused by him, to which he retorted:

“But you were also to blame for those marks, hahaha, you were asking for more.”

In reply, Trindade said: “Are you crazy? I asked you to stop and you even said sorry. Your brain only works on the field and your heart doesn’t work anywhere”

Trindade then goes on to say:

“You know full well what you did, and how you treated me. You abused me, in fact!”

She adds:

“What scares me most about all this is seeing that it was all nice nice, and [that it seems like] I’m completely crazy. It shows your brain only works on the field and your heart doesn’t work anywhere.”

With Brazilian police currently investigating the allegations, Neymar’s lawyer, Maira Fernandes, said yesterday that the footballer will submit to questioning by the authorities in the near future and that it “is in his interests to do so”.

“We are absolutely confident that we will prove the innocence of our client,” Fernandes also said.

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