Lauryn Hill’s financial troubles were put on display last year but it appears as if she’s settling her debts one by one. Last year, it was revealed that her home was on the verge of foreclosure after she hadn’t paid $1M in back-taxes. However, it looks like she saved her home as she’s reportedly settled up the six-figure tax debt.

Lauryn Hill quietly worked out a deal with the realty company that accused her of owing nearly $1M in taxes. Rothman Realty requested that the judge dismiss their case against Lauryn Hill after revealing they were able to work out a deal with the singer outside of court. Lawyers for Rothman Realty didn’t reveal the details or terms of the agreement but they did say things were “amicably adjusted.”

Rothman claimed that they bought the tax lien for the house and began to pay the tax bills that amounted to $993,901. They filed a foreclosure suit but Hill allegedly never responded. The realty company received the judge’s permission to put Hill on default and put her home in foreclosure. They wanted Hill to move out of the home and to obtain 100% of the ownership of the house. The home was set to be auctioned off at a  Sheriff’s auction with the money made to pay back the realty company.