Lady who accused Neymar of rape was captured on camera attacking him inside a ‘hotel room’

A new video has surfaced online showing the moment the lady who accused football star Neymar of rape attacking him inside a hotel room.

In the viral video, the pair can be seen making their way to the bed, before the lady then sits on him and began to confront him about the alleged assault a day later and hitting him, as he tries to restrain her.

The woman can be heard saying: ‘I’m going to hit you. Do you know why I’m going to hit you? Do you know why? Do you know why? Because you assaulted me yesterday. You left me here alone.’

Twitter user, The Male Arya Stark who shared the video online wrote: ‘So the woman who accused Neymar of rape set up a camera, invited him to her hotel, then attacked him in the hope that he will retaliate & then she’d have “evidence” of assault.’

Women like this deserve to go to jail!! For a long time!!!’

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