Lady narrates encounter with her late husband’s side chick

A lady has narrated how her late husband’s side chick called her to beg for forgiveness after she walked in her shoes

She said her late husband was attached to his side chick before his demise and she had called the side chick to beg her to leave her man alone, but to no avail and after he died and the side chick got married to someone else sadly her husband also passed away and after his death, she found out he has 3 kids for another woman.


Read story below;

“I was married to my husband for four years. Three years into our marriage, I noticed he was having an affair with a girl after I went through his phone conversations and saw that he bought a car, opened a shop for her mom and sends them money regularly.


My husband’s attitude changed, he became unavailable. There was no more communication between us. His absence worried me and our child. So I took the girls contact and called her, begged her to leave my man alone but she sent me straight to hell.


Months later, my husband went to work and died in an accident. Two weeks later, the same girl got married to someone else. Three months after her husband died, she found out he was married to someone else and has three kids. She called me and begged for my forgiveness. Now we are two widows.”


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