Lady, 22 seeks advice as boyfriend who has promised her marriage asked her to chose between him and fully-funded scholarship abroad

A 22-year-old lady is seeking advice after her boyfriend who has promised to marry her asked her to choose between him and her going for her fully-funded scholarship abroad.

Canada-based Nigerian Professor of Computer Science, Professor Rita Orji, who shared the story online, said the young lady wrote to her asking for her advice

”Woke up to an email from a lady who got a fully-funded admission for an MSc abroad Her ‘boyfriend’ told her to choose btn the admission & him She seeks advice I don’t interfere in relationship issues but think it’s unfair to put her in such a state People have diff priorities.

My only question was: What is at stake if you choose one option over another? Based on this and your priorities, you can decide on what to do if he refuses to change his stand She said, the guy may break up with her and he promised to marry her.

She is 22 years. What would you do if you were the girl or her boyfriend?”

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