Lack of parental guidance behind increasing ritual killings, misbehaviour among youths – Aregbesola

The Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, has said the recent increase of youths’ involvement in social vices and misbehaviours is the result of a lack of parental guidance.

The former Osun state governor said the get rich quick syndrome among youths who get involved in ritual killings for money can be traced to inadequate parenting.

The minister said this on Saturday in Akure, the Ondo State capital while hosting the 1975 set of his secondary school, Akoko Anglican Grammar School Arigidi-Akoko.

He said, “The homes are the first port of call for bolstering our children’s morality. The obvious flaw is a lack of parental guidance. Let’s talk about parenting for a moment. Parents should be encouraged to groom their children properly.

“Grooming isn’t only about discipline; it’s about a lot more than that.” It entails the removal of any vices, malpractices, maladjustment, or misbehaviours.

“When parents get back on their feet and pay attention to what their children read, watch, and associate with, we will have well-behaved, disciplined, and well-bred children.”

“Morality is built on the foundation of the household.” Then there are the schools, where we must implore our teachers to be more committed to raising upright, honest, bright, intelligent, and well-shaped pupils and youngsters.

“I’m totally eliminating the role of government, but the government can only do so much. Parents, teachers, other influencers like old students’ associations, non-governmental organisations will go a long way to take our children and youth out of vices and wrong behaviours.

“In the society at large, we all have a role. After that, the influence and effect of associations.

Speaking on his alma mater, Aregbesola said, “I’m joining the other old students to see how we can assist, develop, fund the government’s attempt to make our Alma-mater functioning for the present students.

“It is clear now that the government cannot meet the needs of institutions on its own, particularly in terms of good infrastructure, and this has led me to join my other old students in supporting and assisting in providing infrastructure and rehabilitating the old structure as soon as possible, as well as motivating the current students.”


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