Kings can be lavish not pastors – Daddy freeze

Controversial Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze has reacted to the manner in which motivational speaker TD Jakes was chauffeured in Nigeria as he compared it to the way Prince Harry arrived his wedding.

Speaking on the comparison he wrote:

Kings are allowed to be lavish, pastors, ezspecially those fed by their congregations MUST be humble! –

You can not compare the BRITISH monarchy to pastors, compare them to the biblical King Solomon who wasn’t a christian and see how lavish kings used to be! Solomon and his crew chowed down 30 cows and 100 goats/sheep every freaking day!

Lets remember that Solomon wasn’t a christian, he was a Jew who practiced Judaism! ~FRZ


◄ 1 Kings 4 ►

[22] The daily food requirements for Solomon’s palace were 150 bushels of choice flour and 300 bushels of mealh; [23] also 10 oxen from the fattening pens, 20 pasture-fed cattle, 100 sheep or goats, as well as deer, gazelles, roe deer, and choice poultry.


  1. Daddy Freeze always causing controversies here and there. Sometimes, I more often than not wonder if he is right. I researched, he is right. But the way he stirs up the hornet’s nest makes people detest his attitude. Well, he has his life to live.

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