Kim Kardashian Flaunts Insane Curves In Skintight Leopard-Print Jumpsuit

Kim Kardashian’s insane curves made an appearance on her Instagramaccount this afternoon. Though the entire family is still trying to cope with the drama surrounding them due to Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe with family friend, Jordyn Woods — and Travis Scott shutting down his social media presence amidst rumors he stepped out on Kylie Jenner — Kardashian seemed unbothered by all the rumors as she posted up on a velvet couch for her latest series of snaps.

In the set of photos, Kardashian flaunted her famous curves by rocking a skintight leopard-print jumpsuit. The head-to-toe, feline-inspired number clung to her voluptuous body, and the reality star showed off the attire by posing for several different angles.

In one shot, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star lifted her leg a bit and turned to the side, putting her curvy backside on full display. In another, she sat on a nearby chair, giving a full-frontal view of the outfit. This pose offered her audience a peek at her buxom chest. In all of the pics, the KKW Beauty mogul gave the camera her signature flirty pout. Kim even threw on a pair of sunglasses to top off the insanely cool vibe of the outfit.

She paired the look with an ankle-duster coat in a matching pattern, as well as some chunky, lace up boots that went perfectly with the jumpsuit. She also tied the look together with some leather-palmed gloves, and she threw up a “peace” sign in one of the photos, showing off their intricate design.

For the shoot, Kardashian wore her raven-colored hair in a bouncy blowout that cascaded over her shoulders, invoking a retro vibe that was very in-tune with the outfit. She wore contouring to accentuate her flawless face, and wore a dark beige liner and gloss to highlight her plump pout.

view more photos below:

Fans of Kardashian’s went wild for the snap, and some of her 129 million followers liked the photo series over 35,000 in the first 10 minutes she posted it.

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