Kiddwaya opens up on being a playboy and his relationship with Erica


Billionaire son and former contestant of the Big Brother Naija reality show, Terseer Waya, aka Kiddwaya, spoke about his relation life in a recent interview.

NEWSCASTARS.COM gathered that while speaking to TOFARATI IGE, the entrepreneur spoke about his love with co reality star, Erica.

Exert from the interview below:



To some people, you cut the picture of a playboy. How would you describe your love life?

I do what I want, while being a gentleman. I would not really say I have a love life. I am more focused on work, the future and making a better life for myself.


Are you a playboy?


No, I am not. People think I am a playboy because I am gentle, nice and look good. I am just nice to women and I know how to treat them. The fact that I have a lot of women around me does not mean I am a playboy. If I want to get married today, I would do that. And, if I want to date a girl, I would also do that. If I want to get married, I would be committed to a long-term marriage. I don’t think I have a love life. I think I have a life and I am trying to find love.




Are you saying you are single?


You would have to wait and find out. The year is just starting.


Where did you learn how to treat women?


I attended co-educational boarding schools, so I interacted with a lot of girls and learnt about them. I also grew up among strong women. When one is around powerful women, one would learn how to treat women.




How would you describe your relationship with Erica Nlewedim and how did you feel about her disqualification from BBN?


I don’t want to talk about her disqualification. She should be the one to talk about that. Besides, she is trying to move on from that. She does not want to be reminded about it every time. However, our relationship is cool.

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