Keyshia Cole Says Parents Of R. Kelly’s Alleged Victims Should Take Responsibility

The singer debated with fans on social media.

Lil Duval warned folks to just live their best life and not go back and forth with people bringing negativity, but Keyshia Cole couldn’t help it. Things got heated on Twitter when an old tweet by the singer made the rounds again, prompting the public to reignite a conversation about the parents of R. Kelly’s victims. Back in January, Cole tweeted, “Until your child is 18. they are YOUR responsibility…I never said R Kelly wasn’t wrong!!! But a lot starts AT HOME WITH YOUR PARENTS!! PERIOD.”

A Twitter user recently responded to the two-month-old tweet, saying that no parent would purposefully put their child in a situation that would be harmful. The user later deleted the tweet, but that Cole was able to reply before it disappeared from the Twitterverse. “I’m sorry to inform you sweetie. But, ALL PARENTS DONT PROTECT THEIR KIDS,” Cole wrote.

Another user responded to both the deleted tweet and Cole by writing, “Ppl do protect their kids. Look at all the girls who are kidnapped, raped, missing etc. no parents is like hey take my kid so I can’t find them. Kids can run away, lie about where they are. All parents do the best they can. You never know what creeps are out there. Period.”

Rapper Master P. is another celebrity who has vocalized his opinion on the subject, stating that the parents of R. Kelly’s alleged victims need to take responsibility for the situation that they’ve found themselves in. “Ain’t nobody gonna play with my kids. Straight up,” he said in an Instagram clip. “You shouldn’t have even been on TV, and if you a parent, you shouldn’t be on that unless you on CNN from a jail cell. I don’t know if R. Kelly did it or not, that ain’t any of my business, I ain’t judging, but I’m just saying those parents shouldn’t have let that go that far….If my kid in there, it’s gonna be all-out war. Everybody coming outside, to be honest with you.”

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