Kemi Adetiba narrates her ordeal with custom officers at Lagos airport

Movie director, Kemi Adetiba, on Wednesday, revealed her experience at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport with two customs officers.

She took to her Twitter handle, to say that, she encountered two customs officers, whom, she identified as Ojo and Eni. O., who attempted to take advantage of her by asking for the receipt of her used travel speakers.

Part of her Twitter thread read, “Going through immigration and picking my luggage was a relative breeze. As I approached customs, I knew all would not be well as I saw a lady’s eyes light up like I was a fowl approaching a den of hyenas. I was still a good distance away when she beckoned for my porter and me to pull aside.

“She asked to open all the bags, but not finding anything, zeroed in the perfume gift and my small travel speakers. She asked that I show her an invoice for the speakers. I told her I no longer had it and asked her WHY as it was a personal item. By the way, this lady’s name is “Ojo.

“She transfers me to another gentleman “Eni . O. He asks for the invoice for the speaker. My friend again points out that it is a personal item. Just the same way he shouldn’t ask for the invoice of my laptop, why is he asking for this one. I give him the speaker to inspect.

“He says something to another colleague which I mistake for him talking to me. I say, “I beg your pardon”, he RUDELY says “Madam I was not talking to you” like he was beneath speaking to me. A woman. He then turns to my friend to speak to him about MY speaker.”

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