Judge Issues Warrant For Tyga’s Arrest

Judge Issues Warrant For Tyga’s Arrest After He Failed To Appear In Court For Injured Fan Case.

Tyga just can’t catch a break. He’s out here catching warrants instead! After failing to appear in court for a case that dates back almost 6 years ago, the judge has called for his arrest.. AGAIN!
According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Tyga has yet to pay up after a fan filed a lawsuit for allegedly getting hurt at one of his concerts. He then missed his most recent hearing to appear before the judge regarding the case.
If this story sounds familiar, its because this is not the first time Tyga’s been wanted man! In January of 2018, a warrant was issued for his arrest in the same case, after not paying his judgment of only $236k at the time. Interest has brought total to a whopping $250k.
The lawsuit stems from Tyga’s music company being sued by Shyanne Riekena, who was left with a 4-inch gash on her head after a light stand fell down on her at one of T-Raww’s concerts. She reportedly sued the company in 2015, and was awarded $250k in 2017.
Tyga’s financial problems have been no secret. We recently reported his Maybach being repo’d after he made a deal to lease the car for $6,000 per month. Unfortunately for him, a couple of payments were late and the people who leased him the whip wanted it back.
To add insult to injury, Tyga ran into the repo men at Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd birthday party, words were exchanged, and Tyga was reportedly dragged out of the party by security.
Tyga’s bail is now set at $250k.

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