I’ve moved on from BBNaija, now focused on my career – Diane Russet

Big Brother Naija contestant and actress, Diane Russet, says she has moved on from the reality show and is now focused on her filmmaking career.

Speaking in a recent interview, the reality star said; “Whatever happened in the House is all but forgotten now. I cannot even say I remember everything but I have moved on and I am focusing on my career. I am not watching everybody to see what they are doing. I am doing my own thing.”

Russet from Kaduna State maintained that she was not a ‘conservative’ person, contrary to the belief held by some that actors of northern extraction do some of the things their counterparts in the south do, such as hugging in movies. She said, “I am also a producer. Before I go to meet any actor to come on my set, I must have done some checks on that actor. I would have seen that person’s movies and how they act. I would have an understanding of that person’s personality and the things the person can do.

“I would say it is nonsense if anybody comes to meet me without going through what I have done in the past. I don’t think there’s any producer that does that. If anybody comes to meet me, I would expect that it is because they have seen my past works and feel that I can fit into the role they are approaching me for.


“I do not conform to stereotypes. I am still discovering myself, and I don’t know if I’m conservative or outgoing. It all depends on the kind of mood I am in.


“There are different parts of northern Nigeria. I’m from Southern Kaduna and people from that area are not conservative. When people say ‘conservative’, they think it’s more like covering oneself up. However, people from Southern Kaduna are very expressive people.”

On being featured in a Kannywood movie, Russet said, “I feel like I want to test the waters. It’s something I could try. I like trying new things and I don’t limit myself. If an opportunity presents itself and I can do it, I would like that challenge.”

On her web series, titled ‘Recordi’, the 25-year-old stated said, “So far, it’s been good. We have had a lot of comments and people are really waiting for the second season. It even exceeded my expectations.”


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