I’m very romantic despite being a gospel artiste – Esther Igbekele

Gospel artiste, Esther Igbekele, has said that she was ‘100 per cent’ romantic and had a social life saying it’s wrong to assume that those who make her kind of music lead boring lives and do not have a romantic side.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learnt she told Sunday Scoop, “I attend a lot of social functions. Being a gospel singer does not mean I cannot be romantic too. I have a husband and children, and I celebrate events. The COVID-19 pandemic has even shown many of us others ways of celebrating ourselves. I know what it means to be in love. If one is not in love, one cannot appreciate love or sing about itOne cannot know the taste of something that one has not put in one’s mouth. If one tastes a particular thing, one would be able to describe the feeling better. My social life is another interesting part of me. I attend a lot of parties. I also go out with my family to the beach and other places. My husband is a businessman, so he is usually busy but I am a romantic person 100 per cent.


“I and my husband have busy schedules but we communicate well and feel good. I have witnessed and done a lot of surprises for clients. (But), I love things that come naturally and not staged.  There are unique things that one’s spouse would do that one could not have imagined― that is the type of surprise I like.”

Igbekele also gave her two cents about gospel artistes who praise sing and/or perform at secular functions. She said, “If one is serving God and one is not working, one would end up being a pauper. There are a lot of pastors that are medical doctors. Would they treat only Christians or upright people? So, why should ours (gospel artistes) be different? Interestingly, I have a lot of Muslim clients and fans. They invite me for their events because they enjoy my songs and want to be happy. Some would buy my albums and through that, many of them have been converted (to Christianity). It’s not my style to sing at bars but I would unapologetically do it if I want to. It is the type of song I sing there that would differentiate me. My goal is to touch lives there. The people that criticise us are not responsible for our financial obligations. How would one meet the needs of one’s band members? In the past, I have been paid N50,000 for a performance. How was I supposed to share that among the 16 people working for me?”


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