I’m really sorry for requesting DNA test for our child – Actress Ronke Odusanya’s baby daddy apologizes

Saheed Aranmolate has tendered a public apology to his baby mama, Actress Ronke Odusanya for demanding a DNA test of their daughter, Oluwafifehunmi.

In 2021, the actress and Jago appeared in court over the custody of their daughter and on the 10th of February, 2021, appeared before the court and requested a DNA test of their daughter to determine paternity before carrying on with proceedings.

However, Jago took to his Instagram page to apologise in a video which he captioned, “Oluwafifehunmi is my daughter. I love her so much”, Jago said: “I am using this video to clear the air concerning the DNA request I made at the court.

“I’m really sorry about that. I want you guys to know that Oluwafifehunmi Aranmolate is my daughter and I love her so much with all my heart.

“It is what happened that made me take the action of requesting for a DNA test. I’m really sorry for requesting the DNA test from the court.”

He promised to take care of his daughter henceforth, describing her as his everything.

The apology came barely five weeks after the court declared him wanted for stalling proceedings by refusing to show up.

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