‘I’m going to run you over’ – Deontay Wilder tells Tyson Fury ahead of their trilogy fight

Former WBC champion, Deontay Wilder vow to defeat current WBC champion, Tyson Fury ahead of their third fight in Las Vegas on July 24.

Speaking at this month’s pre-match press conference, Fury had told Wilder that he would build his weight up to 300lbs to ‘run him over like I’m an 18-wheeler.’

But Wilder has posted his response on social media after appearing to lift a 310lb weight that would be bigger than Fury’s envisioned weight.

“I’m going be a train,” said Wilder. “You say a semi-truck, I’m going to run you over with a train, baby.

“310 [lbs]! You better get your weight up.”

Recall that Fury was ordered to face Wilder by an arbitration judge, a judgment that derailed plans for an undisputed world title fight against Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia this summer.

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