I’ll revenge if catch my partner cheating – Actress Jennifer Obodo

Nollywood actress Jennifer Obodo says she is willing to give her cheating partner another chance on one condition as she sat for interview with Saturday Sun.

“When you want to cheat on me, cheat far not to my face. Well, no one has ever cheated on me before, however, if I will forgive him for cheating then I’d have to cheat back so we can forgive each other. After all,  the world doesn’t revolve around men only. They haven’t seen anything yet,” she said.

On what attracts her to a man on a first date, the movie star said, “His appearance, sense of reasoning, and how comfortable I instantly feel around him. I don’t even mind sex on a first date. It depends on the vibe and person.”

On celebrities bringing their private matters to social media, “I don’t think it’s right bringing your personal matters to social media. What are you bringing your personal life to social media for? The same people that will applaud you today are the same people that will throw stones at you tomorrow. Social media only make things worse so people who do that should always think twice before taking that step. For me, I love my privacy and I’ll never indulge in such.”

Jennifer Obodo also reveals who lies more between men and women, according to her, “If we start this conversation we won’t end it, we all know both gender are liars but men I give it to them, they are the greatest of all liars. Women only lie when necessary but men lie about everything. The movie is about men who have betrayed women and women decided to play the same game but you know when women try to do the same thing men do to us ,they won’t stand it.”


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