I believe cinema is a great tool for social change –Wale Ojo

Nollywood actor, Wale Ojo while speaking in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, said he is planning to go a step further by producing an action movie.

He said, “My next movie is going to be an action film. I will shoot in parts of Lagos that many have never seen before. I visited some slummy parts of Lagos recently, and I was shocked that people knew me in such places. Those are the people I want to make movies for.”

Sharing a bit of his future plans for his career, the ‘Hardcase’ actor said, “Nollywood is growing and rising, and it is a very interesting rise. I am getting to a stage where I will be directing more of my own films. We are going to use cinema as a tool to entertain more of our people and also inform them. I believe cinema is a great tool for social change.”

Asked about his view on cosmetic surgery, Ojo said, “It’s a huge business and women are very particular about their looks. I prefer the natural looks though. I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery. If I see it, I will admire and that’s it.”


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