Igbo businessman attacked by hoodlums in Taraba

An Igbo businessman, identified as Rotn Akanwoke Gideon, aka Arkgee, the CEO of Arkgee Computers in Yola narrowly escaped death after being attacked by thugs along Wukari Road in Taraba state.

Arkgee’s car was destroyed during the attack and he suffered injuries which made his white singlet turned red.

Sharing the story, Emmanuel Goji Hammana blamed the “Yan Chirani” in Taraba state for the attack.

He wrote: “Thank God for sparing the life of Rotn Akanwoke Gideon (Arkgee), the CEO of Arkgee Computers Yola. He was attacked along Wukari Road by thugs. The extreme tendency displayed by ‘Yan Chirani’ in Taraba is getting out of hand. Politics is not madness. Is APC synonymous to violence?”

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