“If you’re not comfortable posting pictures of your lover, you are a cheat” – Socialite, Pretty Mike

Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike has opined that a partner who’s not comfortable with phone checking and posting his partner’s pictures on social media is a cheat.

He wrote;

“How much do u know about him/her ?…. I will start this with a personal story..I had a relationship where I was so invested, I mean, I was just trying to put a thing or two in order then Propose👰 And then boom, I curiously check her phone and in less than 10 mins, the man in me left, I shed tears like a baby💔☹️ For 2 years she has been sleeping with most Lagos big boys, let’s not forget she attended a private university and from a decent home…. that’s how I will propose and this same person will either be fu*king under my nose and still be the ones to spray the most money on our wedding day.☹️

“My dear if he/she is not comfortable with this phone checking thing, just pray to almighty God🙏🏽hoping the skeleton in his/her cupboard isn’t that big, it’s not going to be funny if u wake up and see ur Bf wedding pics everywhere and he just left u that morning and said he was going groceries shopping🤣

We are all Just Hoes “You are a Private person, that’s why u don’t want me to post ur picture and that’s why u can’t post my Pics? OgaMadam you be Cheat !!….. You just don’t want to ruin ur other options abi,…God pls help this our Generation of Cheaters🙏🏽🤣…..That’s why most black marriages don’t last, cause during the dating phase,u are advised to ignore ur fears rather than face it; Dey say don’t check ur partner’s phone cos it might ruin ur relationship…so u rather not check and cont to live with a cheat then eventually marry him/her, one day DNA will let u know ur kids ain’t urs, or you realize he has another wife in the village🤣”

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