If I know sinners in my church, I will return their tithes and offerings – Pastor Kumuyi

A member of the deeper Life Bible church headed by Pastor Kumuyi has shared experience attaending the church services.

The member who is anonymous also shared an experience about a service where the clergyman made a statement which sends the congregation into frenzy mood.

Read the narration below:

It’s almost about seven years I attended a deeper Life Bible church service. I suppose it was precisely in 2014, an Easter retreat. It was just as if I never left. To even imagine this church was everything to me at a point in my life.

I grew up a deeper lifer. We were originally Catholic but my parents changed faith to Deeper Life. So basically my teenage years were as a deeper lifer. This shaped my Christian life style to a large extent.I might not be a Saint but I must say I am a better Christian thanks to the words and teachings I got from the church and Pastor Kumuyi.

As is well known, the deeper life doctrine centres around holiness(without which no man can see the Lord), repentance, restitution and rapture.

This is one church I attended that never really centred their messages on tithes and offerings, at least at the time. All through my stay as a deeper lifer I never attached so much importance to paying of tithes. Please I am not saying it is wrong to pay tithes am just saying it wasn’t the emphasis as a deeper lifer at the time. It is contrary to what we have now.

Services was always at Gbagada 3 times a week. Messages of repentance, rapture and great white throne judgement always sends fear through me.This particular incident happened in one of the Sunday services, a service that brought the whole church to complete tears.

Service has gone far. Sunday school already past, choir had sang their piece, tithes and offering already taken as well. Pastor Kumuyi was already on the pulpit preaching. You guessed right, the preaching centred on holiness. What were you expecting?

His words bellowed from the loud speakers

“if you are a sinner here, God does not need your money. All the money you are giving in this church does not get to God. You are just wasting your money. As a matter of fact if I know the numbers of sinners here and how much they gave as tithes and offering I will remove it and give it back to them. God does not need it and the church does not need it”

There was pin drop silence amongst the congregation. No movement. As he continued with the message he started crying as if in cue the whole members burst into tears. I was quite young then so didn’t know what to do. It was quite a message.

This particular day had a permanent place in my mind. My impression about the deeper life church was permanently cast on stone. Nothing has been able to change it till this day. Today am no more in deeper life but I know deeper life is still in me.



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