“If any old suitor comes for me and he is as rich as Ned Nwoko, I will accept”- Actress, Sylvia Ukaatu

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has been in the news over her decision to marry a 59-year- old man, Ned Nwoko.

However, rising Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu said she can also do same. She said;

“I believe it’s her (Regina Daniel’s) choice. People should learn to mind their businesses. How many are peacefully married to their young husbands? How many are enjoying their marriages? Regina made her choice, so let’s leave her to enjoy it. I believe many who badmouth her would jump at such opportunity if they get it. Age is just a number; what matters is mutual understanding and support for each other.

Honestly, if I have such opportunity, I will grab it, as long as he takes good care of me and spoils me with goodies.

“If any old suitor comes for me now and he is as rich as Ned Nwoko, I will accept his marriage proposal without blinking. Who doesn’t like sugar? Poverty is a curse. So, I’d rather marry a man who would respect and adore me, regardless of his age,” she told The Sun.

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