If a teenagers abuse me on social media, I will send them back to their parent – Yemi Solade

Veteran actor, Yemi Solade, says he will not allow teenagers throw jabs at him on social media adding that he will send that person back to his parents.

The actor, who recently clocked 62 years, told Saturday Beats, “I am human and I am on social media to express myself. I am not there to encourage anybody to throw jabs at me. I am an African man who is a chieftaincy title holder. I cannot allow an 18-year-old throw jabs at me. I will send that person back to his parents because this is Africa. Social media is not a leveller.”

On how he feels marking a new age, Solade said, “I don’t have any special feeling clocking 62 years. It is the same old me. I am myself; hale and hearty, and I remain the actor that people know me to be. My craft has helped to sustain my name in the industry over the years. A lot of people are endeared to me because they appreciate good art.

“The quality of the training I got and my natural ability to deliver have helped me. Also, my physical attributes (have helped). When Nigerians see anything that looks flashy, they want to surround it. I am very focused. I have been an actor for 45 years, and that speaks volumes. It tells me I am doing well.”

The Lagos State-born thespian also stated that he carefully selects the kind of events he attends. He said, “I pay special attention to my appearance in public. I don’t want to be everywhere. I want my work to speak for me. The creative industry has too many events and I don’t have to attend them all. I just want to do my work and go home, rest and look forward to the next job. However, that does not mean I don’t attend events. I only select the ones I attend. I never set out to be a popular person. I only wanted to express my innate ability to do theatre arts.”


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