I won’t reject any movie role –Actor, Seun Akindele says

Nollywood actor, Seun Akindele, has said he does not think there are roles in a movie he would reject for any reason.

The Ekiti State-born actor said, “there are a whole lot of things I consider before accepting a movie script. Aside the money, the story has to make a whole lot of sense. There must be a take-home for people from the entire movie. Anyone who sees the movie should be able to learn one or two lessons. These are my major criteria before jumping into any movie project.”

“Then afterwards, I need to understand the scale. I wouldn’t like to get involved in a low budget movie, because it affects the quality of the movie. I don’t think there is a role I would reject. I am only a representative of a character, I only put myself in the character; if I can’t do that, then I am not good at what I do.”

He further said. “Seeing my own movies, I always look out for my mistakes. I would look out for a way to better my skills. I have watched a movie and felt like I would have done better. I am my own critic. To others, it might be a great interpretation of the role, but for me, I know I would have given a better reaction to that particular scene.”


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