I won’t encourage anyone not even my child to tattoo my name – Allwell Ademola

Nollywood Actress and singer, Allwell Ademola, has said that she would not encourage any fan to tattoo her name on any part of their bodies.

On trend of fans tattooing the faces and images of celebrities, Ademola said, “I will not encourage anyone to tattoo my name or face on their bodies. I would not encourage anyone to do it. But, if anyone decides to do it, I would appreciate the person for the love. Someone must really love me to do that. Love begets love, and actions bring reactions. I would not encourage anyone, not even my child, to do that though.


“I see them (tattoos) on people and I like it, depending on who is wearing what. But, I am not a fan of tattoos. I don’t like having anything permanent on my body. However, I would not judge anybody who does that. If I am to tattoo anyone or anything on myself, it has to be me. I love myself that much. It could be my face, name or even the Almighty God. Because God cannot make mistakes, he is my mentor.”


On why she doesn’t share her personal life on social media, she explained, “I am a very private person. There is a difference between my work and my life. The fact that I am an entertainer does not mean everything about me should be out there. There are things people should not know about me. There is a difference between me, Allwell, and the person that is seen on TV. I want to keep my private life private. I don’t think people should know everything about me, including what I ate and my love life. I am a private person. I just want to be me because that is the only way I can enjoy my life.”

On her plans for the rest of the year, Ademola said, “I am working on my music album and some cinema projects. I am also working on a stage production  that I have been planning for the past five years. By God’s grace, all of them would be done this year.”




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