I will stop using churches in my movies – Bank Anthony

Movie producer, Funmiade Bank Anthony, has said she will avoid using churches in her movies following the backlash she recently received from some members of the Celestial Church of Christ.

She had used some people portrayed as members of the church in her recent movie, Juba –which the church members found distasteful.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she described the inspiration behind the movie as the way human beings might delay in answering God’s call.

She said,

“The movie is about how individuals may feel they still have enough time to achieve what they want before answering the call of God. I have produced several movies, I felt uncomfortable when the message of my movie was misinterpreted by some members of the Celestial Church (of Christ). Everyone cannot interpret a movie the same way.

“I would try to avoid using any church in my movie; not only ‘Celestial Churches’. If I am going to produce any other movie that has to do with a church, I would not use a known church because their doctrine may not be in line with what I am trying to portray in my movie,”

Speaking about her transition from Nigerian movies recorded in English to Yoruba movies, she stated that she had to make that switch to have more time for her family.

“Growing in the industry is challenging because the competition is high so we have to do something unique to stand out. I have been in the industry for some time now. The growth has been slow; it requires a lot of consistency. It takes a lot of zeal to be able to overcome those challenges. I switched from English to Yoruba movies because I wanted to spend more time with my family. Travelling to the East was stressful for me, so I had to switch,” she said.

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