“I will always be there to pick you up” – Floyd Mayweather writes his daughter, Jirah

Floyd Mayweather gush over his daughter, Jirah Mayweather as he promised to always be there for her.

Jirah, a well-known cheerleader at her school and has participated in various cheerleading competitions and his father was there to support her over the weekend as her team participated in the Cheersport Nationals, a national cheerleading competition.

Sharing a photo he took with Jirah Mayweather wrote:

Milan @JirahMayweather I’m so proud of you! God has truly blessed me with a beautiful angel! Keep working hard and always know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You will always be a winner in my eyes and if God forbid you ever fall, just know your Father will always be there to pick you up!

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