I was threatened over romantic scene with Ibrahim Chatta –Shola Subair

Fats rising Nollywood actress, Shola Subair simply known as Sholly Cutie, had Instagram posted a video of her kissing actor, Ibrahim Chatta, in a swimming pool while the latter fondled her in her yet-to-be-released movie.

The video generated controversy as many bashed her for acting such romantic scene. However NEWSCASTARS.COM gathered that while speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress stated that some fans of Chatta threatened her for ‘going that far’ with him.

She said, “I have been getting mixed reactions from fans since the clip from the pool scene went viral. Some sent me messages, expressing how disappointed they were in me because they felt the scene was too intimate. Some alleged that I am dating Chatta, who is my boss. Some fans even threatened me, asking me to stay away from the actor, who they have a crush on. However, others gave me accolades for acting the scene well because it looked so real.”

On being bothered by the criticisms. She added, “It is normal for people to have a wrong perception about one. When one becomes a celebrity, people would spread rumours about one. That is one of the baggage that comes along with being a public figure. People tend to say so many untrue things about one. It is not a big deal.”

On how she started her career, she said, “I started acting right from the university when I was studying Theatre Arts. I have done several stage performances and other TV series. I was invited by one of the directors in the Yoruba movie industry, Samson Adebayo, for a role in a movie. But, I declined many times. It took me several years before I eventually agreed to join the industry.”


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