I was scared – Actress Mary Remmy Njoku recounts her son’s birth story as he turns 8

Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy Njoku took to her Instagram page to share her son’s birth story as he marks his 8th birthday today, July 30.

She wrote;

At this time, exactly 8yrs ago, I was in labor. Lying down on a hospital bed, waiting impatiently for this special son of mine.

He was hanging on to the unbilical cord, prepared to come out with his legs. I guess his Igbo head was too big

We were told it had to be a CS. @jasonnjoku was fine. I was scared.

My mum entered prayer mode, Quoting the ‘Hebrew’ woman line from the Bible. The good doctor re-assured us that it’s the safest way to birth. And it is.

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