I was never under pressure to get married – Actress, Bukunmi Oluwashina

Nollyywood Actress, singer, Bukunmi Oluwashina, says marriages in the entertainment industry are not more troubled than those in other sectors.

Spoeaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “It is not as if the marriages of actresses are more troubled than that of others but because they are in the limelight, it is easier for people to know when they have issues in their homes. Most people think that one should have a perfect life. There is so much expectation from all and sundry. But when one lives one’s life strictly on one’s terms, there would be less pressure. People in other professions have marriage crises everyday but you would not hear of them because they are not public figures. That is why people think entertainers always have issues in their marriages. I don’t ‘run’ my life based on what people believe. I don’t entertain fear because I didn’t make my choice based on public opinions. There is nothing public that could scare me and I don’t entertain any fear when it comes to marriage. I grew up seeing my parents’ marriage and knowing what it means to be with someone that one loves. Marriage is beautiful, though it has its ups and downs. Marriage is sweet when one is with the right person.”

The scriptwriter and filmmaker who recently got married after 11-year courtshipsays she did not intentionally date for so long before tying the nuptial knot. “It was not as if I decided to wait for a particular year before getting married. I just like taking my time and doing things when I feel the time is right. It was not even about pressure,” she said.

Speaking about her latest movie, Traffic,. She added, “A lot of things inspired it and I had been writing it gradually. It was also around the time when a young up-and-coming artiste committed suicide because he had not attained the level of success he wanted. Meanwhile, I had always wanted to talk about depression, especially as it concerns artistes. There are a lot of talented people who have been frustrated because they have not achieved their dreams. I felt I needed to talk about that because many people give up when they are few steps away from their desired destination. Suicide does not take away one’s pains; it only passes the pain to the person’s loved ones. I also wanted to talk about marriage and domestic violence because it was ‘trending’ when I began to write the story. A lot of things helped me with writing the story.”

Oluwashina, who usually composes and records soundtracks for movies says poor quality of some movie soundtracks could be tied to poor pay given to singers. She said, “It is true (that some of the songs are monotonous and predictable) but there are still good ones out there. When I am working on soundtracks, I like to use proverbs and adages. One could talk in parables and not give away all the story is about. I think the issue is the cost of featuring good singers. If a producer pays good money, the person composing the song would be forced to deliver good songs.”

Revealing her greatest fear as an artist, the multitalented entertainer said, “My greatest fear as an artist is time management. I want to be a great mother and loving wife, so I don’t want to be carried away looking for money. I know how time consuming acting is so I’m praying to God for help in handling sensitive situations.”

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