I wants to be a symbol of hope to kids living in slums — Patoranking

Singer, Patrick Okorie, popularly known as Patoranking, says he wants to be a symbol of hope to kids living in slums.

Speaking as guest on a podcast hosted by gospel singer, Tim Godfrey. He said, “Growing up, I had always known I would make it (be successful). Not because there was everything around me, but because that was the only option I had. Coming from the slum, poverty mindset does not give one the opportunity to think far. It was a fight and I won. I told myself I want to become a symbol of hope to other kids living in the slum. I want them to know it is possible for them to be successful.”

The dancehall singer recalled how he started singing in the church. He said, “I started singing in church— Christ Embassy, Satellite Town (branch) in Lagos around 1997 and 1998. My mum used to tell me that when I was little, Sinach (popular Gospel singer) used to carry me.”

“Some people say success is relative; it depends on what success means to you. I came from a home in the ghetto but despite that, there were some dos and don’ts we had to abide with.”

Patoranking added, “As the first child, it is very important to lead by example. I had to give my siblings the assurance of better days. I had to tell them that everything will be fine. I worked hard and did a whole lot just to beat poverty.”

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