I used to love s3x so much and engaged in premarital s3x until… – Actress, Sylvia Ukaatu opens up

Nollywood star actress, Sylvia Ukaatu has explained why she decided to turn a new leaf and forsake any form of sexual activities till she walks down the aisle.

Speaking in a recent interview with Inside Nollywood, Sylvia Ukaatu said “I have sealed my stand with God. No more compromising what I feel for God over money and wants. All these years without God has been fruitless, that’s why I’m promising myself that I won’t have s3x again until marriage. I pray my new stand with God will redirect back all I have lost to the devil.”

On premarital sex, she said:

“I used to I love s3x so much and engaged in premarital s3x but that was my mindset when I was in the world. God knows what is right for me, he can’t give me what will cost my joy. When I was deep with things of God there is no year that I don’t get an advert job here and there. But I misused the grace, I lived a life that is not mine and there is nothing fruitful I can tag to it. I have not been in a  relationship with a single guy for years due to what I have experienced. It’s time to make it right with my creator. Life is very short nobody knows what tomorrow will unravel. When the time is right, God will bless me with a perfect suitor; He knows what’s right for me,” she quipped.


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