I once acted role that saved a woman’s marriage –Jennifer John

Leggy actress, Jennifer John says movies she acts in plays a very key role in society while speaking with Saturday Beats explaining that she once acted a role that saved a woman’s marriage. “One of the most gratifying experiences I have had in my career was when a woman walked up to me in church and gave me a hug. She was in tears, thanking me for my role in the television series, ‘This Thing Called Marriage’. The woman said my character in the movie saved her marriage. I almost cried myself.

“The woman said she did the same things I did in the series to save her marriage, and it helped restore her home. I think she or her husband had even moved out of their matrimonial home due to the crisis between them, but watching me in the TV show helped fix that.

“Hearing this, it dawned on me the kind of impact our industry actually has on people. We, as actors, may just do it for the passion or even for fun, but to the viewers, it’s way deeper than that. So, we should endeavour to tell more stories that would help improve our world,” she said.

Revealing a side of her that is not known to the public, the stylish actress said, “The one thing people hardly know about me is that I’m a couch potato. Many people, for some reason, think I’m really outgoing, and know all the cool spots in town. But, no spot is hotter than my couch or my bed! I love the comfort of my home.”

On how she deals with sexual harassment, she said. “I have never been a victim of sexual harassment. However, it (sex) has been brought up, but when I see it’s headed in that direction, I leave it alone because I would never succumb to that.”

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