I have no beef with Cee-C – Princess, Ex-BBN housemate

Former Big Brother Nigeria housemate, Princess Onyejekwe who, recently called out actor and television presenter, Uti Nwachukwu, after he declared Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C, the most successful housemate of BBN 2018 has spoken on the issue.

While contacted over the matter, Princess said that she was not trying to court controversy but only interested in putting things right.

She said, “Different people can read a particular meaning to an issue. What I wrote has nothing to do with Cynthia; it would be different if he (Uti) was not a former housemate.

“If it was a random celebrity talking; I wouldn’t mind because the person hasn’t experienced it.

“For someone that has been to the BBN house to openly put an outright comparison amongst people in the same cadre is not the best choice of words.

“He should have praised her without using words that would make others seem not at par.

“Cynthia is doing great and I am doing great and there is no hate. However, somehow, the whole thing escalated; it has nothing to do with me hating Cynthia’s success; I feel he should have done better.

“Even when Forbes brings out a list of successful people; they rank it in their own established scale and rank their net worth to how much they know about them, it doesn’t mean that some people are not richer than others.

“Hate is not the motive here; I felt he should have known better; it could start a crisis, riots are instigated by what people say.

“It is my opinion. I am saying no one should put a yardstick to success. It is just like putting one religion ahead of another. I feel it is unnecessary.”


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